DEVI Warranty™

DEVIwarranty™ is a series of 4 individual, best-in-market warranties to give you full peace of mind while using DEVI products in electric floor heating systems. For all DEVI products, we maintain the following warranties:

A 20-year full service warranty is valid for DEVI electrical heating cables and mats.

You can rely on the DEVI quality; but, in the event of failure, the DEVI cables or mats, which can be tracked back to a manufacturing defect in the DEVI product, can be repaired or replaced free of charge.

Not only does this warranty include costs of reparation or replacement, but also installation and floor materials, such as damage to brickwork and tiles.

The installation of DEVI products must be performed by an authorised installer in order to apply for this warranty, and the warranty certificate has to be stamped, signed, and provided. For more details, read our warranty terms and conditions.

DEVI products with a 20-year warranty:

  • Heating cables incl. DEVIflex™ / DEVIsafe™/ DEVIsnow™ / DEVIasphalt™ / DEVIaqua™/ DEVIbasic™ / DEVIcomfort™ / DEVIsport™ (DSM3) / DEVImulti™
  • Heating mats incl. DEVImat™ / DEVIcomfort™ / DEVIsnow™ / DEVIasphalt™ / DTCE

All related accessories come with our 2-year warranty.

A 10-year product warranty is valid for DEVI floor heating systems and accessories.

DEVI products with a 10-year warranty:

  • DEVIcell™ floor heating system for wood and laminate
  • All related accessories

A 5-year product warranty is valid for DEVI thermostats, floor heating systems, self-limiting cables, and accessories.

DEVI products with a 5-year warranty:

  • DEVIreg™ Smart thermostat
  • DEVIreg™ Touch thermostat
  • DEVIdry™ floor heating elements under carpet, laminate and wooden floor (not including the DEVIdry™ thermostat and control sets)
  • DEVIiceguard™, DEVIpipeheat™, DEVIpipeguard™ and DEVIhotwatt™ self-limiting heating cables
  • All related accessories.

A 2-year product warranty is valid for DEVI thermostats, control systems, software solutions, and accessories.

DEVI products with a 2-year warranty:

  • DEVIreg™ 130-132 / 233 / 316 /330 / 527 / 528 / 530-535 / 610 / 850 thermostats
  • DEVIlink™ wireless control system
  • DEVIdry™ thermostats and control sets
  • DEVIreg™ Therm Control
  • DEVIfoil™ heating foils
  • DEVIrail™ towel heaters
  • DEVItemp™ industrial heaters
  • DEVItronic™ anti-condensation heaters
  • Radiant heaters
  • Power supply units for thermostats
  • All related accessories, including heating cables and heating mats accessories

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