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20 Year Full Warranty


A 20 year full service warranty is valid for DEVI electrical heating cables and mats.

You can reply on the DEVI quality, but in the event of failure the DEVI cables or mats which can be tracked back to a manufacturing defect in the DEVI product, can be repaired or replaced free of charge.

20 year warranty applies to:

Heating cables including DEVIflex™ / DEVIsafe™/ DEVIsnow™ / DEVIasphalt™ / DEVIaqua™/ DEVIbasic™ / DEVIcomfort™ / DEVIsport™ (DSM3) / DEVImulti™

Heating mats including DEVImat™ / DEVIcomfort™ / DEVIsnow™ / DEVIasphalt™ / DTCE

All related accessories come with our 2-year warranty.