DEVIflex floor heating cable
DEVIflex 18T Inscreed 310w – 17.5m
July 9, 2020
DEVIflex floor heating cable
DEVIflex 18T Inscreed 535w – 29m
July 9, 2020
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DEVIflex 18T Inscreed 395w – 22m

$210.33 Incl GST

DEVIflex 18T floor heating cable, designed for inscreed applications in a 20-40mm screed in bathrooms and large areas.

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DEVIflex™ 18T (DTIP-18) Inscreed Floor Heating Cable

A high performance, 230v inscreed cable designed for installation in sand cement floor constructions up to 40mm.

Cables spaced at 100mm apart will achieve 180watts sqm and 18watts per lineal metre.

Ideal for bathrooms and large areas, this cable is a fully screened twin conductor cable with a tough outer covering.

Designed for use under tiles, DEVIflex 18T heating cables are resistive cables and are manufactured as ready-to-install heating elements with specific lengths (i.e. 7.3, 10, 12.8, up to 170mtr), with a 2.5mtr cold tail.

With a 20 year warranty, DEVIflex 18T are robust and easy to install.



• Fast and easy to install
• Multiple application options
• Safe and robust
• Long life-time
• Maximum protection

Standard compliance:

• IEC60800:2009

Weight 1.994 kg
Dimensions 38.6 × 38.6 × 5.4 cm


DEVI products with a 20-year warranty:

  • Heating cables incl. DEVIflex™ / DEVIsafe™/ DEVIsnow™ / DEVIasphalt™ / DEVIaqua™/ DEVIbasic™ / DEVIcomfort™ / DEVIsport™ (DSM3) / DEVImulti™
  • Heating mats incl. DEVImat™ / DEVIcomfort™ / DEVIsnow™ / DEVIasphalt™ / DTCE

All related accessories come with our 2-year warranty.

A 20-year full service warranty is valid for DEVI electrical heating cables and mats. 

You can rely on the DEVI quality; but, in the event of failure, the DEVI cables or mats, which can be tracked back to a manufacturing defect in the DEVI product, can be repaired or replaced free of charge. 

Not only does this warranty include costs of reparation or replacement, but also installation and floor materials, such as damage to brickwork and tiles. The installation of DEVI products must be performed by an authorized installer in order to apply for this warranty, and the warranty certificate has to be stamped, signed, and provided. For more details, read our warranty terms and conditions. 


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