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DEVI Floor Sensing Cable 3m 15 Kohm Santropene | 140F1091
July 10, 2020
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DEVIreg 132 Thermostat | 140F1011
July 10, 2020
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DEVIreg 130 Thermostat | 140F1010

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The DEVIreg™ 130 is a simple electronic thermostat to be installed directly on the wall, using a floor sensor (wire) to measure and control the desired floor temperature.

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DEVIreg™ 130/132 is a line of simple electronic 16 Amps thermostats with possibility to be installed directly on the wall. The thermostats have only one button for adjusting the temperature and for OFF mode. Furthermore, it has an LED indicator showing standby (green light) and heating (red light) periods. The thermostats do not have wire sensor failure monitoring. Wire temperature sensor included in the set.

DEVIreg™ 130 is equipped with a wire (floor) sensor used for control of Comfort Floor Heating applications. The thermostat has a dial for adjusting the temperature setting with a numeric scale from , to 5 (meaning from OFF, 5 °C to 45 °C and each step corresponds to approx. 9 °C). This type of thermostat can be used for outdoor applications too – Ice and Snow Melting on Ground, Frost Protection on Roofs, Pipe Tracing, etc., because it doesn’t have wire sensor failure monitoring.

DEVIreg™ 132 is equipped with a built-in air sensor to control the room temperature and an additional floor (wire) sensor to limit the maximum floor temperature. The main application is Total (Direct) Heating via Floor systems. The thermostat has a dial for adjusting the room temperature, with a degree scale from , to 35°C (which means from OFF, 5°C to 35°C).
Adjusting maximum floor temperature is provided with potentiometer placed under front cover (default 35°C).

Product Benefits

  • Double pole safety breaker
  • Sensor failure monitoring
  • LED indication
  • Frost protection
  • All thermostats are supplied with an Australian plate which can be installed horizontally or vertically

Standard Compliance

  • EN/IEC 60730-1 (general) and
  • EN/IEC 60730-2-9 (thermostat)


Weight 0.223 kg
Dimensions 14 × 9.5 × 8.5 cm


A 2-year product warranty is valid for DEVI thermostats, control systems, software solutions, and accessories.

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